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Jumpy House Castle Bounce for rent in Mississauga, Oakville, TorontoGoing down Inflatable Slides is always a lot of fun at any age! Young or old, everyone always has a smile and a laugh to share when they finish their slide. And, the faster the slide the better!  

Inflatable Slides are fun slides that children over the age of 4 and adults can enjoy. These inflatable slide options are available for rental in 2 lane or single lane models. They have stairs to climb to get to landing area where you then slide down to the exit.. The higher you need to climb to get to the slide, the faster your slide down will be.

You can rent air powered slides that are  dry slides or water slides. For our water slides, you simply attach a garden hose and your guests will be able to slip and slide to loads of fun and laughs. We have a variety of themes and colours available.

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Please remember that you need lots of height to set up an inflatable slide. Our slides are over 20 feet tall. This means either an extremely high ceiling such as in a school gymnasium or a conference centre or an outdoor space free from branches or hydro wires or electrical wires works best. You will also need a space of 45 feet by 45 feet at a minimum on the surface where you wish to have the slide inflated. This enables us to properly anchor the slide for safe use and to place the blowers and any generators in a safe.position.

We suggest you choose an inflatable slide more for corporate and school events than at home parties.

You will need a minimum of two dedicated electrical circuits to power the blowers that will keep the inflatable slides inflated and safely operational. If you do not have the required power source, we have portable power generators that can be rented to supply the needed power.

Our experienced staff can be booked for a Site inspection. They will inspect the area where you wish to have your event to ensure that it is free of debris and obstacles that may affect the set up and safe operation of the inflatable slide rental.

Feel free to contact one of our Event Specialists to get all your information about renting inflatable slides. They will help you determine which inflatable slide will safely fit in the area you have available and they will help you understand delivery, set up, operation, and removal options that are available.

We highly recommend booking a minimum of 2 (two) of our trained staff to safely operate the inflatable slide.

Our inflatable slides are made of extremely durable material so that they can be set up and operated on pavement such as in a school parking lot or neighbourhood street. They can also be set up on ground such as a grassy area in a park or a school field.

Rent an inflatable slide for your next event for some great laughs and fun memories!

Click on the pictures for more information about our inflatable slides. When you are finished and ready to book your event or if you have any questions,  please contact our Event Specialists by clicking on this link or by calling us at 9056073338 at our Head Office in Mississauga. We help our visitors create amazing events in Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area and many parts of Ontario