Obstacle Courses

Inflatable Obstacle Courses for Rent

Obstacle Courses let your guests race, bounce and run to lots of laughter and fun.  It’s a great workout where you challenge your skills to find your way and race to the finish. Obstacle course inflatable rentals need a lot of space especially for the length of the piece. Obstacle course inflatable rentals are more for corporate and school events or college or university frosh week events than at home parties.

For Corporate events, obstacle courses are a great team building activity for your employees get to know each other better and meet new people. At company picnics, they are great for morale building. Your employees can jump, laugh, slide, swing, and bounce their way to fun and lots of laughs.

On school fun days, obstacle courses are loads of fun with fellow students and your teachers. At frosh week events, these games are a great opportunity to make new friends, meet new classmates and create new memories.

If you have a very large backyard, you could have an awesome family party with an inflatable obstacle course.

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Run from obstacle to obstacle, crawl through tunnels, jump bounce, swing over the gap,  climb up ladders, slide down the slide and race to the finish.. It’s loads of fun and it’s even a great workout. It’s a fun way to add some fun to your training and build your team bonding.

  • Challenge yourself or your friends as you race around the track or through the obstacles on the obstacle course.
  • Have a relay race. Create teams and plan your fun strategy to use teamwork to get the best time in the relay race on the obstacle courses.
  • Play Beat the champ to see if you can beat all of your friends as you race through the obstacle course
  • Play Beat the clock to see who can get the fastest time to get through the obstacle course.
  • Use obstacle courses as one of the challenges in a fun Olympic style event.


Family and friends, colleagues and managers, adults and kids - You can all have lots of  friendly fun and good laughs.

Things to Know About Renting an Inflatable Obstacle Course

In general, obstacle courses are much larger than the basic jumping castle and therefore need more space for all dimensions - length, width and height. You require 5 feet of clear space above and around the obstacle course for safety. There should be an unobstructed view with no over hanging wires or tree limbs in the space above the obstacle course for safety.

If you are considering booking more than one obstacle course, we recommend a site inspection as our large inflatable obstacle courses have multiple pieces and can be over 90 feet long. The site inspection will make sure that the obstacle courses will fit at the venue for your event and it will determine the best positioning for each piece.

For the safety of your guests, there are height restrictions for using the obstacle courses.

We use Pegs and/or sand bags to securely anchor the obstacle courses to the surface for safety. Our obstacle courses are made of a durable material that can be used on almost any surface - Indoors, outdoors, pavement or ground.

Our basic obstacle courses require a minimum of 3 dedicated electrical circuits. Our larger pieces require more and we have portable generators to provide power outside and when there is a lack of circuits. 

Our staff has the experience, expertise and tools to efficiently and smoothly deliver and  set up the obstacle courses.

If you have any questions or you wish to book obstacle courses for your event, contact our event Specialists by clicking on this link or by calling us at 905.607.3338 at our Head Office in Mississauga. We help our visitors create amazing events in Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area and many parts of Ontario