Toddler Inflatables

Toddler Inflatables and Bouncers for Rent

Watch your little ones bounce and laugh and giggle in our toddler inflatables. Have your smartphone and video camera ready to record that precious moment when your child has that first bouncer experience!

Toddler inflatables are for babies and toddlers. These are smaller in height and provide a safe environment for the little ones to play and travel on their own and have fun. We have a variety of themes such as clowns and animals, sports, crawling tunnels, and tracks. Toddler inflatable rentals are great to have at your party, carnival, festival, street party, or corporate event so that you have a specific area where there will be children under the age of 4 years old.

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You can pick up your toddler inflatable rental at our Mississauga office or we can deliver it to the location. If you choose to pick up the toddler inflatable we recommend that you drive an SUV at the minimum. A pickup truck or van will make your pickup and return easier.

If you choose delivery, we will deliver the rental to the location that you provide us with. Our experienced staff will set up the unit and test it to make sure that it is operating properly. At the completion of your event, we will deflate, pack up and remove your rentals. We will return then to our shop in Mississauga where we will thoroughly clean the unit to prepare for the next event.

The toddler inflatables are easy to set up and inflate. You will need to have a dedicated electrical circuit to provide power to the blowers that are used to inflate the toddler bouncer. The toddler jumpers are easy to deflate and roll up for your return.

The toddler bouncers are made of a very colourful durable material so that your little jumpers can bounce and play in them on the pavement or on the ground, indoors or outdoors. The protective walls and the protective netting make these bouncy play centers a safe and fun environment for your children.

A toddler track is a great inflatable rental to have races. You can add a trike or a zoochanical and your children can race around and have loads of fun!

Our bouncers are inspected and certified by the TSSA on an annual basis before the start of each season.

Our Event Specialists will work directly with you to make sure you are informed and understand all the details about renting a toddler inflatable so that you will have loads of photo opportunities to record the precious memories that will last a lifetime.

People will hear the fun and laughter from Mississauga to Toronto to all of Ontario!

Click on the pictures for more information about each toddler bouncer. When you are finished and ready to book your event or if you have any questions, please Contact our Event Specialists by clicking on this link or by calling us at 9056073338 at our Head Office in Mississauga. We help our visitors create amazing events in Mississauga, the Greater Toronto Area and many parts of Ontario