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The MAIN EVENT offers a wonderfully exciting selection of inflatable Bouncers, Castles, Slides, Obstacle Courses, Interactive Units, Carnival Games, Escape Room Inflatable, Archery, Axe Throwing, Ride on Animals, and so much more. We are available for rent to the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, and Northern & Southern Ontario. Feel free to browse through our options in the above menu dropdown, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our inflatables, or if you need help planning your next event or backyard party!


Inflatable Types:


There are many names and types of inflatable bouncers rentals. We use bouncy castles, toddler inflatables, bounce and slides, inflatable slides, sports and games, interactive inflatables and obstacle courses to describe the inflatable rentals that we have.


We also have a wide variety of awesome Carnival Games & Carnival Inflatables for those that want something a little different!


Safe, Professional, Licensed and Fully Insured:


The Main Event is completely licensed by the TSSA, and fully insured. All of our staff are trained to set up, operate, take down and remove all of our inflatable rentals safely and efficiently. We can set up on grass or ground, pavement or indoors. We anchor all of our inflatables securely to ground, pavement or floors by using pegs and/or sandbags so the unit will not blow away.


Bouncy Castles:


Bouncy castles are used primarily for bouncing fun! Geared for ages 3yrs to 12yrs. We have themes including; superheroes, aliens, princesses, pirates, Disney, DC, Marvel, Frozen, Christmas, Paw Patrol and others. Bouncy castles are generally square in shape and are quite manageable and very easy to operate. Ideally used for school events, corporate functions & picnics, backyard parties and birthday parties!


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Toddler Inflatables:


Toddler inflatables are for babies and toddlers, up to the ages of roughly 6yrs old. These are smaller in height and provide a safe environment for the little ones to play and have fun! We have a variety of themes such as clown mazes a, candy land, winter, Minions, animals and more. Toddler inflatable bouncer rentals are used for events where there will be children under the age of 4 years old.


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Multi-Activity & Combo Inflatables:


Bounce and slides are combination inflatables that include an area to bounce that is connected to a slide. Enter bounce and jump, then climb a ladder to the top of the slide, slide down and exit. Some of the themes we carry are superhero, alien, princess, pirate, Disney, DC, and Marvel, Frozen and more. Bounce and slides can be used for school events, corporate events, backyard parties and birthday parties. These are larger than bouncy castles, so you will need to measure the area where you plan to set up the inflatable and confirm the exact size.


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Inflatable Slides:


Inflatable slides are fun slides that children and adults can enjoy. These inflatable rentals are available for rental in 2 lane or single lane models. They have stairs to climb to get to landing area where you then slide down to the exit.. The higher you need to climb to get to the slide, the faster your slide down will be. You can rent inflatable slides that are dry slides or water slides. We have a variety of themes available. Please remember that you need lots of height to set up an inflatable slide. This means either an extremely high ceiling or an outdoor space free from branches or hydro wires or electrical wires. We suggest you choose an inflatable slide more for corporate and school events than at home parties.


Sports and Games Inflatables:


Sports and games inflatables are for young children to adults. They let everyone test and show off their great athletic skills.. You can challenge each other or you can challenge your self to see who gets the best score. We have a good variety of sports that range from hockey to soccer, football to baseball, and boxing to golf. These inflatable rentals are portable enough that they can be used in almost any setting.


Interactive Inflatables:


Interactive inflatables let the young and old run, jump, race and have loads of fun. You can race, challenge and compete. Interactive inflatable rentals can be used for school events, college or university frosh week events, corporate events, backyard parties and birthday parties.


These inflatable rentals vary in size so be sure to ask about the dimensions to ensure it will fit safely and comfortably in the space where you plan to set it up.


Obstacle Courses:


Obstacle courses race bounce run to lots of laughter and fun. Workout, challenge, find your way, and race. Obstacle course inflatable rentals need a lot of space especially for the length of the piece. Obstacle course inflatable rentals are more for corporate and school events or college or university frosh week events than at home parties.


Contact one of our Event Specialists at 905-607-3338 or  email us at info@maineventfun.com to start planning your party event.