The Main Event Experience!


Event Rental & Experience:


The Main Event Rentals experience begins at first contact with one of our event rental party servicesprofessional event experts! With a friendly voice, knowledgeable responses, caring attitude, and their attention to detail, all reflect the standards set throughout the company.


Customer service is not a cliché in the Main Event experience, it is an attitude. We build relationships with clients rather than simply booking an order for a customer. Whether your event is big or small, family or corporate, customer protected event planner or student rep; dealing with Main Event welcomes you into our family. We listen to your thoughts and develop those ideas into your event!


Our reputation has been built on the hard work and family values of our ownership and staff.  We are proud to proclaim our staff as “the very best event staff in the industry!”


We look forward to the opportunity to EARN your business.




We help you with themes for your event – from Disney to Marvel, Princess or Pirate, Milestone Birthday or Company Celebration. Choosing a theme to build your event around is that extra detail that takes your guest’s experience to the next level. Our “out-of-the-box” mentality lets us look at things from a different perspective. It is a new set of eyes looking at your requirements in a fresh and clear manner.




Our Event specialists pay special attention to every detail throughout the process. Their experience has been gained by years of dealing with many different and unique requests. Whether you are having a big corporate event or a small family event, an event for children or adults, their creativity can take a vague or simple idea and shape it into an awesome experience.


Consultation is included in our packages. For large events with multiple types of rental items and many guests, we will meet with you to fine tune your plans.


We’re also not interested in simply dumping products on your lap when you ask for guidance.  We want to ensure you have the right items that fit your event needs.  We ask the right questions to learn about your event and make the necessary adjustments to ensure it’s a fun-filled success!


Event Management Solutions:


The Main Event Experience includes our event management solution. This covers everything from:


* Proper safety measures
* Site inspection where applicable
* Assembling your order
* Delivery of your order in a timely and efficient manner
* Setting up the required rental items
* Testing each item
* Operation of each item available
* Supervision Technique and Guidance
* Take down, packing, and return of your rental items


Site Inspections:


When a Site inspection is required during planning and preparation, we visit your event site and inspect the area for:


* Placement – safety for operation and safety for flow of your guests
* Safe delivery
* Safe return
* Any obstacles that present a hazard or safety issue.


We then, build a site event plan to optimize the flow of your guests, safe and efficient delivery and setup of your rental inflatables and the safe removal and return.


Event Staff:


Our Staff are well trained, experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful.  Safety is our priority.  We have the required certifications from the TSSA, we have liability insurance and we are completely licensed and fully insured.


The Main Event Experience Covers Everything:


The Main Event Rentals Experience covers everything from Birthday parties, company picnics, corporate events, home parties, casinos, fundraising, family parties, school events, frosh week, special celebrations, to milestone events.