Cars Triple Lane Slide


Cars Triple Lane Slide:

If you feel the need for speed, try our Disney Cars Triple Lane Slide!

Not only does this slide proved the thrills for the kids, it offers fast turn around time so your event can keep moving and lines short.

Three Lanes for extra fun, and extra efficiency!


✓ Three Independent Sliding Lanes
✓ Sun Shade Mesh Coverings
✓ Awesome 3D Pop Up Designs
✓ Front & Side Mural Art in Disney Cars Theme
✓ Safety Inflatable Barrier with Sliding Instructions

Cars Triple Lane Slide Tips and Safety:

* Be sure the area that you will be setting up your inflatable is free of all debris, including any rocks or sharp objects.
* Ensure the area selected is free of any hazards such as power lines, trees, walls or other obstructions.
* Please make sure there is at least 5 feet of clear area around and above the inflatable.
* Make sure that there are no shoes, no sharp objects, no glasses, no beads, no pets, no silly string, no gum, no food, no drinks, no baseball caps.
* 2 people to maintain and operate this inflatable – One at the entrance and one at the top of the slide.
* Only 2 participants at a time. One in the left lane and one in the right lane.
* The first 2 participants should exit the inflatable before the next two enter.
* No double sliding. Double sliding is absolutely prohibited. This means two people cannot travel down the same slide at the very same time, side by side, nor front and back.
* No face first sliding.
* The Cars Triple Lane Slide should not be operated if the wind is equal to or over 25km/h or if the temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius.
* No flips, piling on, wrestling, bouncing against side walls, grabbing the side walls.
* Please keep children away from the electrical blower fan at all times.

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