Gingerbread House Bounce & Slide

29’L x 14’W x 15’H


Gingerbread House Bounce

The Gingerbread House bounce and slide is a 3-in-1 combo, with a 9ft slide.
It is 29′ W x 14′ L x 15′ H and requires 2 dedicated circuits.

Size 29’W x 14’L x 15’H
Minimum Overhead Clearance Required 5 Feet
Minimum Side Clearance Required 5 Feet
Maximum Operating Windspeed 25 km/h
Blower Voltage 110/120V
Blower Output 1.5hp or 2.0hp
Quantity Blowers Required 1
Height Restrictions more than 36″ and less than 80″
Types of Users/Passengers Adults and Children
Number of Adults or Children or Both 3 Adults or 6 Children


Gingerbread House Bounce Tips and Safety

  • Be sure the area that you will be setting up your inflatable is free of all debris, including any rocks or sharp objects.
  • Do not inflate if it is raining.
  • Ensure the area selected is free of any hazards such as power lines, trees, walls or other obstructions.
  • Make sure that there are no shoes, no sharp objects, no glasses, no beads, no pets, no silly string, no gum, no food, no drinks, no baseball caps.
  • It should not be operated if the wind is equal to or over 25km/h or if the temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius.
  • No flips, piling on, wrestling, bouncing against side walls, grabbing the side walls.

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