Popcorn Machine

Small: 20″L x 14″W x 29″H
Large: 21″L x 25″W x 34″H
Cart: 17″L x 38″W x 33″H


Popcorn Machine

The smell of freshly popped popcorn wafts through the air. It brings back great memories, doesn’t it?

For some of us, it is the nostalgia of the fun times at the carnival. For others, it is the excitement of the big event. And then, for some of us it is the fun at a family party.

Our Popcorn Machine combines a great nostalgic style with the newest technology to give you an delicious serving of popcorn everytime!

Popcorn Machine Specs:

This machine pops 120 one-ounce servings per hour.

Popcorn machine specs:
Volts Watts Amps Dimensions Weight
120 1420 12 22″W x 18″D x 29″H 46 lbs

The Services That Are Available:

Cleaning: Main Event Staff clean and maintain the Popcorn Machine. There is no need for you to clean the machine when you return it, unless specifically requested.

Servings: Talk to our Event Specialists and they will help you determine the number of servings to order.

Display: You have two options. Option 1 – You can rent the stylish cart, or Option 2 – use a sturdy table.

To your Event: The Popcorn Machine is available for pick up, or delivery.


How to Operate the Machine:

1. Turn on LIGHT switch located on the top of the interior cabinet.
2. Turn on KETTLE switch on the top of the interior cabinet and
wait approximately 3 to 5 minutes.
3. Using pre-packaged servings: cut open top of package creating
an opening for the kernels, oil, and salt. Pour/squeeze into
kettle the entire contents.
4. Lower lid. It is magnetic.
5. While the corn is popping, keep front operator doors closed. You
will have some fogging due to steam.
6. Allow corn to pop until popping ceases or slows down; lift lid by
The lid will click onto the roof of the interior cabinet
7. Dump remaining popped corn from kettle by rotating the handle
clock-wise and pulling downward.
8. When popped corn is dumped into hopper, lift by kettle handle
to click back into place.
9. Repeat steps until desired amount of popcorn is made.
10. When not in use, please make sure the kettle switch is in the
OFF position. The kettle will burn and will result in damages.
11. DO NOT CLEAN MACHINE. Our staff will take of the cleaning.

Always turn KETTLE/MOTOR switch OFF when machine is not popping.


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