Stuff a Teddy Station


Stuff-A-Teddy Station

Instead of randomly handing out gifts at your next event or during the holiday season, why not create a craft such as the Build-A-Bear Station where the kids can choose their own stuffed animal and build it themselves! It’s much more interactive, magical, and it provides yet another source of quality entertainment at your function!

We’ll provide you with a minimum of one professional MAIN EVENT staff to assist you in making this building station fun and completely enjoyable!

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Themes Include:

* Classy Teddy Bears
* Christmas | Easter | Holiday Themes
* Jungle | African | Exotic | Sea Creatures | Farm Animal Themes
* Dinosaurs | Pegasus | Unicorns
* Rainbow | Bubble Gum | Spotted Colours
* Pillow Plushies

Ask us about all of our awesome plush selections.

Also Available for the Plush:

* Custom Printed Logo T-Shirts
* Carrying and Storage “Cottage Theme” Cardboard Box
* Teddy Bear “Heart Insert” with its own unique “Emotion” and colour.
* Teddy “Passport” (includes Puzzles and Games — which can also be customized with your logo!)

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