Sumo Suits – Two Suits + Includes Mat

15′ x 15′ of space required



Challenge your friends to a Sumo Suits Wrestling match. The Sumo suits come with a mat and helmets also.



1. No person under the influence of alcohol is permitted to use or supervise the Sumo Suits at any time.
2. Make sure that the helmet is being worn at all times. A responsible adult/volunteer must check the
helmet is fitted correctly on children
3. Patrons using the Sumo Suits are NOT ALLOWED to wear shoes while in the suits or playing the game.
4. The Sumo Suit body and helmet must be worn at all times by both patrons when playing the game.
5. The Sumo Wrestling mat should have plenty of clear space around the item itself; at least 10ft is
recommended. Spectators should be kept at a similar and/or safe distance away.
6. The Sumo “event” must be supervised by at least one responsible adult/volunteer at all times who are
not under the influence of alcohol or any substance.
7. If any person refuses to wear the required safety equipment then they will not be able to wrestle.
8. No eating, drinking, smoking, alcohol, shoes, glasses, jewelry, buckles, key rings, metal studded
clothing, silly string, toys or sharp instruments or similar items which could cause injury or damage
allowed on or near the Sumo equipment at any time.
9. Remember these suits are rented for fun; do not be overly aggressive or enthusiastic, hitting
somebody excessively hard or body slamming them is NOT allowed. This type of aggressive play will not
improve your experience using the Sumo Suits and may hurt somebody quite seriously. The idea of the
game is to force your opponent onto the floor or out of the circle, not to beat or crush them as hard as
you can
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