Team Building


Team Building Events


Team Building Events are always loads of fun. It’s a time to laugh and revitalize. They are a great morale builder and an excellent opportunity to build relationships within your team. When you bring your team together and add fun to the mix, many great things occur. Teammates learn new and different perspectives from each other and the energy generated helps brainstorm new ideas   to find solutions for challenges. The fun part makes the team building event a great stress reliever.


Fun Team Building Event Ideas


Create a fun filled day of team building races and challenges. Get teammates pulling for each other in a tug-o-war tournament. See what strategy teammates create in a relay race through Boot Camp. Let everyone connect with their favourite manager or coach in a Dunk Tank challenge. Find out who has the skills and endurance to outlast Diablo the Mechanical Bull. Watch the teamwork in an exciting game of Human Foosball.


Take a bunch of ideas for your team building event and create your own Corporate Olympics.
After a full day of meetings, end your day with loads of fun. Let your team blow off some steam when they play carnival games and interact with each other. See who has the funniest poker face when they try their luck at a casino game.


We’ll Help You Plan Your Team Building Event in Mississauga, Toronto and Southern Ontario


Our Event Specialists will work with you to minimize your stress and create an event your team will talk about for years to come. We’ve helped set up team building events all over Toronto, Mississauga and Southern Ontario.


We will work with you to develop your theme. If you don’t have a theme, we will work to help you create one. Your theme will be something where everyone can be involved to create a strong team building event.


We can build your event to suit the venue you have chosen for your team building activities. We can also provide suggestions for venues if you haven’t selected anything such as our party room or a local park.


What type of items will enhance the team building experience for your team building events? We can provide suggestions and guidance  so you can figure out the best inflatables,  best carnival games, best freestanding games, best entertainers, and best casino games to make your event reach new levels of fun and maybe even add a photo booth to capture some great memories for the stories after the event.


Probably one of the most important items for your team building events will be food. Our Event Specialists will brainstorm with you to create a deliciously mouthwatering menu whether it is BBQ  or catering.


Save time and save an aching back. We can deliver the items you have rented to your chosen venue. Our experienced, friendly staff will manage the logistics behind the successful delivery, efficient set up, testing and operation of those items. We also have the option for you to rent our portable generators if a suitable power source is not conveniently available.


Let your team enjoy the festivities by booking our staff to take care of operating and managing the different stations.


No need to worry about the removal of the items you have rented for your gathering from Main Event.  Our staff will take down and pack everything to be loaded and returned to our shop in Mississauga.


They will be your resource for an all-in-one solution from food, to interactive inflatables, to venue and prizes!


Contact one of our event specialists today at our head office in Mississauga, call us at 905-607-3338 or send us an email at