Carnival Tent Booth (Blue & White)

10 x 10

✔ Great for Fun Foods!
✔ Place Carnival Games inside.
✔ Perfect for a Ticket Booth!
✔ Makes a nice Welcome Tent.


Carnival Tent Booth

Add the blue and white pop up carnival tent booth feel to your event with MAIN EVENT’s Carnival Tent option!
This blue and white striped tent is 8’x 8′ and pops up with simplicity and ease.
This canopy is ideal for housing fun food machines, such as popcorn, cotton candy, sno-kones!
Classic carnival games like, Krazy Kans, Milk Cans, Froggy Flings, Ring Tosses, free standing skill games, are also great items to place underneath!
Also a great addition if you require a circus or carnival themed birthday party to keep the food, or birthday cake out of the sun.
Add the 6ft table and our carnival themed (red & white, green & white, or blue & white) vinyl table covers, that are easy to wipe off in case of mess that are fitted specifically for a 6ft folding table.
Together, the tent and the table coverings make a fantastic pair!
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