Disney's Mickey Park Bouncer

16’L x 15’W x 13’H


Disney’s Mickey Park Bounce

MAIN EVENT carries some of the best bouncers in the business, like our colourful Mickey Mouse Bouncer!
This inflatable measures 15.25′ x 14.75′ x 12.75’H.
Things to consider about this inflatable:

Size 15.25′ x 14.75′ x 12.75’H
Minimum Overhead Clearance Required 5 Feet
Minimum Side Clearance Required 5 Feet
Maximum Operating Windspeed 25 km/h
Blower Voltage 110/120V
Blower Output 1.5hp or 2.0hp
Quantity Blowers Required 1
Height Restrictions more than 36″ and less than 80″
Types of Users/Passengers Adults and Children
Number of Adults or Children or Both 3 Adults, or 6 Children


Mickey Park Safety Tips:

*This inflatable should never be up in rain, or winds exceeding 25km’s per hour.
*Always stake in, or properly weight, every tie-down point.
*Have one person supervise the inflatable at all times.
*No flips while inside the ride.
*No shoes, or sharp objects should be worn.