Lumberjack Inflatable Axe Toss

19’L x 21’W x 12’H

✔ Double Lane Throw Stations!
✔ Completely Safe for all ages!


Lumberjack Inflatable Axe Toss:

Try the Lumberjack Inflatable Axe Toss throwing game!  It is completely safe as every component of the game is exclusively inflatable or padded.  There are no actual sharp objects!  It is safe for children and adults of all ages.

With a Canadiana Wooden themed design, and two visually large velcro targets] boards, this Lumberjack inflatable Axe Toss is perfect for everyone!

It is excellent for fitting both indoor or outdoor events due to its low height and compact design.

Simulate the real deal, and bring it directly to your event!

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