Sports Deluxe Bounce Castle

14’L x 14’W x 16’H


Sports Deluxe Bounce

The Sports Deluxe Bounce is Perfect for the sports fan looking to score some points with your party guests!
Our Sport Themed Jumpy Castle is 14’L x 14’W x 16’H and requires one electrical circuit.
Inflatable Bouncers are fantastic for many occasions such as Birthday parties and Private events. Also, Company picnics, Fairs & Festivals, School Events and Carnivals are all great options for this style of entertainment.


This Bouncy Castle contains a “curtain zipper” entrance, and an inflated basketball mini-net inside, all upon a bouncing surface!
The design consists of exterior 3D inflates of all the major sports accessories on the front and top, with white, blue, black, tan and red colours, in addition to referee patterned wall panels, designed to tie it all together.
Things to consider about this inflatable:

Size 14’L x 14’W x 16’H
Minimum Overhead Clearance Required 5 Feet
Minimum Side Clearance Required 5 Feet
Maximum Operating Windspeed 25 km/h
Blower Voltage 110/120V
Blower Output 1.5hp or 2.0hp
Quantity Blowers Required 1
Height Restrictions more than 36″ and less than 80″
Types of Users/Passengers Adults and Children
Number of Adults or Children or Both 3 Adults, or 6 Children

Sports Deluxe Bounce Safety Tips:

*This inflatable should never be up in rain, or winds exceeding 25km’s per hour.
*Always stake in, or properly weight, every tie-down point.
*Have one person supervise the inflatable at all times.
*No flips while inside the ride.
*No shoes, or sharp objects should be worn.
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