Minions Fun Factory Playland

22’L x 16’W x 12’H

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Minions Fun Factory Toddler Playland:

MAIN EVENT presents our newest addition to the inventory with the Minions Fun Factory children’s Inflatable!
This spectacular rental inflatable item is 22’L x 19’W x 11.75’H, and requires two 15 amp circuits to operate.
There is nothing “Despicable” about this colourful and entertaining playland full of activities, slides, pop ups and your favourite Minion characters hidden throughout this fun bouncy laboratory of excitement!
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This fantastic and colourful toddler bouncy castle combo has so many fun accessories inside!
There are inflatable designs inside, such as; Wall art, Giant Rockets, and Minion Cartoons to simulate all of your children’s favourite Despicable Me & Minion creatures! Many of the activities contain slides, or port holes, as well as pop ups and hurdles for the kids to slide down or crawl over and through! All of the inflatable activities sit upon a jumpy castle, bouncing surface, so your child is protected and safe everywhere they go inside this unit.
Ideal for children and toddler ages 2 yrs to 8 years old.
Things to consider about this inflatable:

Size 22’L x 19’W x 11.75’H
Minimum Overhead Clearance Required 5 Feet
Minimum Side Clearance Required 5 Feet
Maximum Operating Windspeed 25 km/h
Blower Voltage 110/120V
Blower Output 1.5hp or 2.0hp
Quantity Blowers Required 2
Height Restrictions more than 30″ and less than 60″
Types of Users/Passengers Children only
Number of Adults or Children or Both 8 Children



Be sure the area that you will be setting up your inflatable is free of all debris, including any rocks or sharp objects.
Ensure the area selected is free of any hazards such as power lines, trees, walls or other obstructions.
Do not inflate if it is raining.
Make sure that there are no shoes, no sharp objects, no glasses, no beads, no pets, no silly string, no gum, no food, no drinks, no baseball caps when the children enter the bouncer.
The MINIONS FUN FACTORY bouncer should not be operated if the wind is equal to or over 25km/h or if the temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius.
No flips, piling on, wrestling, bouncing against side walls, grabbing the side walls.
Keep the children away from the blower fans at all times.

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