Paw Patrol Combo Bounce & Slide

16’L x 18’W x 14’H

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Paw Patrol Combo

No job is too big, no pup is too small!
Bounce and slide your way through the Paw Patrol Combo Bounce, as if you were part of the rescue squad team!
This clean and fun inflatable is ideal for birthday parties, corporate picnics, school events, and all other celebrations!

The inflatable is 16’L x 18’W x 14’H and requires two electrical circuits.


This inflatable contains a climb and slide, inflated pop-ups, hurdles, and a basketball net, all upon a bouncing surface!
The design consists of your child’s favourite Paw Patrol Characters on the front and sides, with primarily white and blue background colours.

Things to consider about this inflatable:

Unit Size 16’L x 18’W x 14’H
Minimum Overhead Clearance Required 5 Feet
Minimum Side Clearance Required 5 Feet
Maximum Operating Windspeed 25 km/h
Blower Voltage 110/120V
Blower Output 1.5hp or 2.0hp
Quantity of Blowers Required 2
Patron Height Restrictions More than 36″ and less than 80″
Types of Users/Passengers Adults and Children
Number of Adults or Children or Both 3 Adults or 6 Children


Paw Patrol Combo Bounce Tips and Safety:

* Be sure the area that you will be setting up your inflatable is free of all debris, including any rocks or sharp objects.

* Ensure the area selected is free of any hazards such as power lines, trees, walls or other obstructions.

* Please ensure the following are removed from your person: Baseball hats, jewelry, necklaces, earling, shoes, sharp objects of any kind are not permitted. Please do not bring food, silly string, wrappers, drinks, etc into the inflatable.

* The Paw Patrol Combo should not be operated if the wind is equal to or over 25km/h or if the temperature is less than 5 degrees Celsius.

* Do not inflate if it is raining.

* No flips, piling on, wrestling, bouncing against side walls, grabbing the side walls.

* One person to operate and maintain this inflatable while in use.


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